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Just like a camp fire, use a fire starter stick and kindling. Light the fire starter stick and place small pieces of wood in contact with the flame in the chamber, turn the fan on low/medium, 2in x 2in x 2.5in wood pieces are best. Replace the difusser plate and grill grate, turn the fan to high/sear. In 5 minutes the grill will be at approximately 1000 degrees.                               


The Velocity Grill is the result of an ingenious idea that makes grilling in the outdoors fast, easy and practical, while adding delicious flavor to your food. Camp fires take too long to get going, use too much wood and take too much time and effort to extinguish before leaving unattended. Portable gas grills....well, we've all had one, they just don't heat up.

 The Velocity Grill burns real wood. There is a fire chamber in the center of the grill where the wood is burned. At the bottom of the chamber there are small holes, and under the chamber in the base of the grill there is a small fan that provides air to the fire. The fan can

be powered by a normal wall plug in 110V, a 12V found in vehicles, boats etc., a power bank, solar panel or 3 "D" size batteries


The difusser plate spreads the heat to create an even temperature grilling surface. To adjust the heat turn the fan up or down. For less smoke use smaller pieces of wood and don't crowd the chamber. For more smoke use larger pieces of wood, or once the fire is going you can smother the fire with wood chips and turn the fan off for a few minutes and turn the fan back on.

Although any wood will work, hardwood is best for grilling, it burns hot and clean. Hickory, Mesquite, Maple, Oak, Apple, Cherry wood.

 The base of the Velocity Grill always remains cool so it can be set almost anywhere. The side handles also remain cool, so the grill can be moved while its burning.

To add more wood, remove the diffuser plate using the handle provided, place wood in the fire chamber, replace the diffuser plate.

 The Velocity grill can be used in all weather. Keep stored indoors.

 Until you become familiar with the grill, do not leave food unattended. The Velocity grill is twice as hot as most gas grills.

 The grilling surface is 13 inches in diameter large enough to prepare a meal for up to 6 people, and convenient enough to cook for 1 person.

 Whether you're an outdoors person or a grill master you should have a Velocity Grill. Put a real sear on your food, not just grill marks.

Leave the fan run while you eat. The fire will be out, the grill will be cool, ready to clean and put away when your're done eating. No forest fires!

boiling water_edited.jpg

To boil water, simply remove the difusser plate leaving only the grill grate and place the pot directly over the fire, fan set on sear.


To roast marshmallows or hot dogs, remove the diffuser plate and grill grate, set fan on medium low and have fun!

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